George Foreman Loves Muhammad Ali, But Wishes He'd Beat Him

George Foreman says he loves, admires, respects and reveres Muhammad Ali … but still wishes he’d have KICKED HIS ASS when they fought in the Rumble in the Jungle back in ’74.

The whole world knows Ali knocked Foreman out in Zaire, one of the biggest, most improbable, and inspiring upsets in sports history.

It’s easy to argue that victory was ESSENTIAL for Ali’s legacy and that Foreman played a pivotal role in history by LOSING. Sooooo, is there even a little, tiny part of Foreman that’s happy he lost? HELL NO.

“I’m so happy, especially about that right eye that was swollen for two weeks. Not to mention I hit my head on the canvas. Who could be happy about something like that?”

Foreman said all of that with his trademark smile, but you can clearly see he derives NO JOY in being the biggest victory in Ali’s insanely remarkable career, but still gave props where props are due.

“Muhammad beat me … he flat-out, outsmarted me and beat me.”

Pretty hard to outsmart a guy that made almost $200 million on a kitchen grill … Ali really was a beast, RIP.

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