Euro 2020 Spectators Hospitalized After Parachuting Protester Crash-Lands At Stadium

Several Euro 2020 spectators were injured when a parachuting protestor crash-landed into a stadium Tuesday … and the horrifying scene was all caught on video.

The gliding demonstrator tried to touch down on the field just before France’s game against Germany at Allianz Arena in Munich … but accidentally hit overhead camera wires on his way in.

What happened next was terrifying … ’cause the collision with the camera setup sent debris falling onto fans — and nearly sent the protestor crash-landing into the stands.

Check out the footage of it all from near field level, it’s jaw-dropping.

UEFA officials say the stunt “caused injuries to several people attending the game who are now in hospital.”

They added the whole thing was “reckless and dangerous” and insisted law enforcement would get involved.

German team spokesperson Jens Grittner also added, “The incident is being checked by the police, the authorities here in Munich and at UEFA. But, of course, we also condemn what happened there. It could probably have turned out much worse.”

As for the point of the protest, the guy’s chute had the words “KICK OUT OIL!” and “Greenpeace” written on it.

The man was taken off the field by security after touching down on the grass.

France, meanwhile, ended up beating Germany in the game despite the wild pre-match scene … winning 1-0.

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