Emily Ratajkowski’s Husband Apologizes After Getting Called Out For ‘Repeatedly’ Using The N

As the international conversation about racism, police brutality, and equality for people of color continues, the last place you’d want to find yourself is in hot water over saying the n-word…

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski‘s husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, is the latest to get called out for using the racial slur via Instagram this week, which says a lot right now considering the 28-year-old stunner is such an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It all started after Ratajkowski shared on IG that she sometimes felt “so useless” while protesting prison reform and racial inequality. (Disclaimer, don’t let that white guilt and fatigue keep you from using your voice!)

According to BET style director Danielle Prescod, there was something even more pressing and closer to home which needed to be addressed first. Calling out the Uncut Gems producer, she quipped:

“I actually have an idea. You could start by talking to your husband, a white man, who has used the n-word repeatedly in my presence. So much so that another black friend was so disgusted she left . Another black woman had the same exact experience.”

WHOA! She continued, directly to Emily:

“You probably have never seen this behavior as he probably performs perfectly in your presence since literally how could he do better, but I promise you it’s true. I would like you to address the issues in your home and then you can help us out here. I would like you to ask him what he can do differently. I know you are not in control of other people, but if you want to do something, you can start with that. I mean this with the utmost sincerity. It was hurtful and abusive.”

Bear-McClard, who’s been married to the model since 2018, then took to Twitter on Thursday to offer up an apology for his casual use of the offensive word:

“I used a word casually like it was mine to use. It’s not, it never was, and never will be. In the past few years I’ve learned a lot about my privilege as a man and as a white person and about the history of racism in this country. Owning our missteps is a crucial part of changing the way the world operates. I’m embarrassed and ashamed and I sincerely apologize to everyone who I may have hurt.”

He’s certainly right about that. Whether the word is in a song or used by members of the Black community, it has no business being in your vocabulary, period!

Emily certainly got more than she bargained for by making that initial comment… but it sounds like this callout was necessary for Sebastian to finally own up to his behavior.

Bear-McClard isn’t the only star backtracking after receiving backlash for using the N-word. Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown came under fire the same reason, although she’s since offered several apologies and appears to now understand where she went wrong.

Here’s to hoping more people out there learn from these now-public mistakes and educate themselves as America moves toward a more tolerant society.

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