Drake Shares Cute Video of His Son, Adonis, Playing Basketball

It pays to have your very own full-sized basketball court at home … just ask Drake, who shared a cute video of his son draining a bucket at only 4 years old!!!

The Toronto rapper posted a video Wednesday showing Adonis take 10 dribbles — while showing off his counting skills — before firing up a shot … and making it. It’s hard to tell who is more excited, Adonis or his friend, but there’s plenty of excitement to go around.

Another interesting part, it sounds like Adonis’ mom, Sophie, is the one recording the clip … so you gotta imagine she was able to spend the holiday at Drake’s mansion as they all celebrated Christmas together.

It’s not the first time Drake’s shown off Adonis’ basketball skills, we’ve seen him playing on smaller hoops before … but to score on a 10 foot basket at 4 is pretty impressive.

Of course, Drake is a huge basketball fan, and a regular at Toronto Raptors games where he sits court side. Something tells us Dad would be quite happy with an NBA star in the family … and he’s already got the tools to help make it happen.

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