DJ Khaled Dishes On Why Kanye West STILL Wears His Wedding Ring Amid Kim Kardashian Divorce!

There may have been more to the story about Kanye West still sporting his wedding ring — at least, according to DJ Khaled.

In an interview on Entertainment Tonight, the 45-year-old producer spilled the tea on the much-talked-about photo of West wearing the band of gold on his left finger, and it turns out we may have all jumped to conclusions too soon. He explained:

“First of all, God bless him and his family, remember this was a while ago, and when I say a while ago, like, when I was first starting to create my album.”

The Wild Thoughts hitmaker continued:

“I was just playing him song ideas I had so this was long — not too long ago — this was, like, way before, you know, all that and I want to send my love to him and his family and his kids, you know what I mean? God bless him and his whole family, you know?”

Okay, what exactly do you mean by “long ago?” Are we talking a couple of months ago? Last year? Before or after Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce? Come on, Khaled, we need some more deets here!

In case you missed it, the media personality posted a black-and-white photo of the rapper with his arms in the air on IG while seemingly listening to some of Khaled’s new tracks. However, social media users quickly noticed Kanye’s wedding band was on display. Take a look (below):


A post shared by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled)


Yeah, there was definitely no way of hiding it! Still, the pic could have been taken right before the couple finally decided to split. Who knows, ‘Ye could have just escaped the drama to Khaled’s home to clear his head and make some music. As you may recall, an insider previously opened up to Us Weekly about how the 43-year-old father was trying to throw himself into work shortly after the divorce announcement.

“Kanye has been trying to throw himself into work the past few weeks, but it’s been hard to stay focused with the split weighing on him. It has been especially tough even though he knew it was coming. He’s been distant and unresponsive as he processes everything that’s going on.”

For her part, Kim has tried to stay “really busy” — possibly with CNN reporter Van Jones — as she adjusts to her new normal without Kanye. But it seems the former couple has been on good terms for the kids amid their public breakup. A source previously told People:

“Kim and Kanye are getting along. They have both stayed true to their commitment to make the best situation for the kids. Kim is very happy that they have managed to keep things calm. She thinks Kanye is a good dad. She wants him to be able to spend as much time with the kids as he wants.”

We’re glad to hear everything is still going as well as it could be for the pair. But there is still one question lingering on our minds: is Kanye wearing his ring now or not?! What do U think, Perezcious readers? Does he still have it on, or do U think he has removed it already? When do U think Khaled took the shot? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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