Dick Strawbridge’s son accidentally leaks rare Chateau snaps too early

James Strawbridge shows off his 'exciting' vegetable cookbook

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Escape to the Chateau stars Dick Strawbridge, 63, and Angel Adoree, 44, are back on our screens, as the couple prepare the property for its first wedding guests since the Covid pandemic. However, Dick’s son James Strawbridge, 38, was left red faced a few days ago when he made a blunder by giving his Instagram followers a peek inside the chateau ahead of Channel 4’s schedule.


Dick’s eldest son, gave his 109,000 Instagram a glimpse into his father’s famous french home, only to quickly admit he had made an error. 

The award-winning Cornish chef shared three pictures inside the chateau earlier this week, before noticing he had made a mistake.

James could be seen grinning alongside his dad as they enjoyed a sunrise in front of the iconic building, while stepmother Angel and James’ half sister Dorothy also featured.

The photographer was forced to hastily backtrack, as he took to the comment section to correct himself. 


“Oops – I was a week early…” he admitted sheepishly. “Blame my dad for telling me the wrong date! 

“At least I won’t need to post about it next week,” James quipped.

Another image showed Dick, James, and James’ half brother Arthur smiling in the kitchen inside the French property. 

He joked: “I’ve got a better-groomed moustache and beard I’d like to say for the record.”

James recently revealed that he will not be inheriting the famous chateau, and that instead the honour will be passed down to his young half-siblings. 

The star, who is now fronting his own BBC cookery series Strawbridge Over the Drawbridge, spoke about how it will be passed down to Arthur and Dorothy and their future generations.

Dick and Angel are doting parents to two children, Arthur, nine, and Dorothy, eight.

Prior to meeting Angel, Dick also welcomed two children, James, and younger sister Charlotte, 34, with his ex-wife Brigitm, whom he was married to between 1982 and 2010.


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In an interview with Express.co.uk, James explained: “When you go to the chateau the work being done with the renovation is quite quick compared to when you look at a house with a 500-year history.

“It’s definitely more intense at the chateau than at these houses I visit [for my new series].”

“Arthur and Dorothy’s great-grandchildren in many years’ time and like one of the next generations will probably have a bit more of a chilled-out vibe.”

During the interview, James also confirmed his presence on the latest series of Escape to the Chateau.

He said: “I think it’s really interesting as I’ve gone from Northern Irish country houses of lords and ladies to my dad and Angela in the chateau.”

Comparing the chateau with the homes he filmed in for his BBC series, James explained: “The first thing is what they’ve got in common is they work really hard with people who run the house.”

Strawbridge Over the Drawbridge episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer. 

Escape to the Chateau airs at 8pm tonight on Channel 4.

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