Devin Ratray, AKA Buzz From Home Alone, Accused Of Strangling Girlfriend

It turns out the man who played Buzz McCallister in the popular Home Alone franchise may have turned out to be something of a bully in real life. Devin Ratray, best known for his role as the cruel older brother in the Christmas classics, reportedly got into a brutal fight with his girlfriend while staying at a hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Sunday.

Ratray’s girlfriend, whose identity has not been revealed, filed a police report on Monday, apparently the day after the confrontation. In the filing, obtained by TMZ, the unnamed woman claimed the actor physically attacked her amid a verbal argument. She included the horrifying detail that Devin strangled her while covering her mouth. Wow.

She said as an attempt to break free, she bit his hand — which caused the child star to punch her in the face. Shortly after, she was able to grab her stuff and escape to a stairwell in the Hyatt hotel, where she waited for the police to arrive. It’s unclear if the girlfriend or someone else in the hotel called for cops.

Authorities told the outlet that by the time they arrived on the scene, things had settled down. The girlfriend decided to book her own room for the night in the same hotel so the couple could keep their distance. No arrests were made, but, as mentioned, the police report was filed the next day.

All that said, Devin’s representative is telling a slightly different story. The rep confirmed that the couple got into an argument, but claimed it was only a verbal fight. Devin’s spokesperson also would not explain what the couple were arguing about. The situation was serious enough that the pair “broke up” after the fight. It’s unclear if an investigation is ongoing.

As Perezcious readers know, the 44-year-old performer is most famous for starring in Home Alone, as well as Disney+‘s new reboot Home Sweet Home Alone, in which he reprises his role as Kevin McCallister’s older brother. Just last week, the performer revealed to People that the original Home Alone cast was “planning a reunion” — hopefully that doesn’t get messed up with this latest legal trouble! Innerestingly, this domestic violence scandal is making headlines a day after Airbnb held its first-ever Home Alone stay in Chicago, which was hosted by Buzz himself.

Something tells us this might not be the person Disney wants as the face of this family franchise now…

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