Deshaun Watson Accuser Calls QB's New Browns Contract 'A Big Screw You'

Two of Deshaun Watson‘s 22 accusers are voicing their disgust over the quarterback’s new $230 million contract with the Cleveland Browns … claiming the team only cares about his talents, not the disturbing claims made against him.

Massage therapists Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes are set to appear on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” on Tuesday … and will detail their alleged experiences with the Pro Bowl quarterback while also reacting to the guaranteed deal he signed with the Browns in March.

“It’s just like a big screw you,” Solis told Soledad O’Brien in a preview of the show. “That’s what it feels like. That, ‘We don’t care. He can run and throw, and that’s what we care about.'”

Hayes added, “It was sick to me … I felt like he’s being rewarded for bad behavior.”

As we previously reported, Solis addressed media members in April, speaking about her alleged experiences with the QB … and saying she is a “survivor.”

Tony Buzbee — the attorney for all 22 accusers — said he believes the Browns and the NFL simply do not care about what Watson allegedly did during massage sessions.

While Watson declined to appear on the show, one of his attorneys, Leah Graham, explained why the public should believe her client over 22 women.

“It’s 22 women,” Graham said. “It’s one lawyer. There’s only one lawyer who was willing to take these cases. And, as we know from Ashley Solis’ deposition, Mr. Buzbee was not the first, probably not the second or third lawyer she went to, but he was the only one to take her case.”

“Why?” she added. “Not because it had merit, but because he would use these cases to increase his social media following and quite frankly to get on shows like this one.”

Watson has adamantly denied any wrongdoing — in his introductory presser with Cleveland media, he stated he “never assaulted any woman, I never disrespected any woman.”

The whole episode will air Tuesday night.

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