David Spade Gives His Opinion on the FaceApp: ‘I’m Against It’

Jimmy Fallon challenged David Spade to give opinions on the spot about randomly generated topics on last night’s (July 22) episode of The Tonight Show!

The 55-year-old actor gave his off the cuff opinions on topics like the richest man in the world, going into the pool with a shirt on, and lastly, the FaceApp challenge craze.

“People did it for me, I’m against it,” David told Jimmy. “First of all, I don’t want to look any older. I don’t even know why anyone would do it. I want one where I’m taller, an app – where’s that invention?”

David Spade also talked about the time he accidentally volunteered to pay for Adam Sandler‘s $9,000 meal, his birthday, the unexpected success of his Netflix movie, Father of the Year, and explains why you won’t catch him talking politics on his late-night show, Lights Out.


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