‘David Beckham wears my thongs!’ Victoria’s 90s wit unearthed in hilarious chat

These days Victoria Beckham might crack a smile once a year if she's feeling game, but back in the day the former Spice Girl was all grins and quick-wit.

Appearing on The Big Breakfast in 2000 she bantered with host Johnny Vaughan about her husband's new-found love of fashion and couples' dressing.

Rocking her noughties crop with a choker, a plunging leather jacket and some killer lip liner, Posh cheekily told hosts Johnny Vaughan and Liza Tarbuck that David had even started wearing her undies.

"He likes to borrow my knickers!" she quipped, much to Johnny's glee.

"How thongy does he go? Does he go for floss?" Johnny probed as Victoria backtracked and insisted she was joking.

"I know you're not joking. You're trying to make out you are now but he wears your pants," Johnny continued. "Now I'm trying to ascertain if it's thongs or big pants."

Defeated, in a small voice Posh whispered, "It's thongs," before quickly adding, "I really was joking."

Another interview with the Channel 4 show filmed a year after Wannabe saw Victoria talk about her love of wearing trackies and no make-up and her hopes of finding a house husband because she couldn't cook.

And in a further chat with Denise Van Outen, she flirted with a cameraman and asked him if he wanted to pinch her bum.

Asked if she gets lots of boys chasing her, she said, "No, unfortunately not. I wouldn't mind, if they were about 23/24-ish. Quite good looking… Mr Camera Man is waving! Would you like to pinch my bottom?"

Fans were loving the forgotten side of Victoria, with one commenting, "Vicky Is soo adorable.

"Vb is a legend x" added another of the star, who used to be renowned for her sassy oversharing.

She once blurted out that her nickname for David was 'Golden Balls' on BBC1's Parkinson in 2001.

And in 2007 she likened his appendage in an Emporio Armani advert to a 'tractor exhaust pipe'.

"I'm proud I still have a really good sex life with David. He is very much in proportion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his," she blabbed.

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