Dan Walker issues ‘urgent clarification’ after causing stir with ‘niche’ reference on BBC

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Dan Walker, 43, was forced to prove viewers wrong after he was criticised for his wardrobe choice on Wednesday morning. After his co-host Louise Minchin, posted her daily morning selfie of the pair on the iconic BBC Breakfast red sofa – with Dan admittedly looking less than interested – some viewers were stunned by what colour socks he had chosen.

I am NOT wearing white socks. Louise says they are ‘powder’ blue

Dan Walker

Posting the photo on Twitter, – which showed Dan looking in the opposite direction with the back of his head to the camera – Louise wrote alongside it: “Good morning, better late than never, caption anyone?”

While she was inundated with possible suggestions that poked fun at the fact Dan was ignoring her request for a picture, one spotted a problem with his lower half.

“White socks Dan? No no!” one fan complained, but it wasn’t long before the presenter responded with proof.

“Urgent clarification required here…” he replied.

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“I am NOT wearing white socks. Louise says they are ‘powder’ blue @louiseminchin @BBCBreakfast.”

He shared an image of his socks that matched nicely with his dark blue suit and shoes, keeping the colour co-ordination at bay.

Fans weighed in on the debate, with one joking: “Thank the lord. I nearly choked on my tea this morning. Could not believe you had white socks on. Could not cope so had to switch off.”

Another had a tip for the host: Very dull sockage Mr Walker – u definitely need to check out Oddballs – would brighten your ankles beyond belief.”(sic)

A third complimented: “Very fetching!”

It comes after Dan impressed a viewer with his film knowledge, after he quoted a line from the 1992 horror movie, The Army of Darkness.

Taking to social media, the BBC viewer commended the presenter for his “supreme” expertise, which Dan admitted was just “niche”.

“@mrdanwalker quoting The Army of Darkness on @BBCBreakfast!!!

“That’s the way to start the day!! His film knowledge seems supreme!!! #BBCBreakfast.”

Dan was quick to reply between reports on the show, and confessed he was waiting for an opportunity to discuss another classic film.

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“It’s more ‘niche’ than ‘supreme’,” he laughed.

“I’m still waiting for the opportunity to discuss Krull. Anyone remember that? #BBCBreakfast.”

Fans rushed to the comments section once again to commend his film list after they worked out Dan’s a fan of the specific genre.

“Classic scifi action too!! You should start a show or podcast on this!!! Points scored this morning!” one cheered.

A second added: “They showed it on the Sony Movie Channel a few days ago – I’d forgotten it featured a younger Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane, as well as Bernard Breslaw.”

“Krull, underestimated,” a third agreed.

Maybe the day will soon come where Dan can discuss his movie favourites to his heart’s content!

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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