Coronavirus Not Preventing Foreign Filmmakers from Shooting in U.S.

The coronavirus is slowing just about every industry due to increased fears of a worldwide outbreak, but foreign moviemakers are pushing ahead in America … full steam.

TMZ spoke with multiple film commission offices, from coast-to-coast in the U.S., and all were on the same page about how they’re handling overseas productions/companies from countries like China and S. Korea. Despite hot zones in both places — and others in Europe and the Middle East — we were told it’s no problemo for any of them to shoot on American soil.

We asked the L.A., NYC and New Orleans offices if coronavirus is making ’em think twice about issuing permits to some of these companies and/or films, and they all said they haven’t changed policies. At least, not yet.

Worth noting, Georgia is home to countless film productions too — and we’ve reached out to its Department of Economic Development, but haven’t heard back.

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