Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Are Getting Slammed for Being Rude to Their Personal Chef

Today in social media drama, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are coming under fire for a YouTube video they filmed called “Dinner with the D’Amelios.” The concept of said video is basically the D’Amelio family sitting down with a mystery guest (aka James Charles) for dinner (thrilling!), and the first episode dropped on November 16.

But here’s the thing: despite D’Amelios being treated to a lovely-looking meal prepared by “good friend” and personal chef Aaron May, Charli and Dixie are getting accused of being straight-up rude. By which I mean they made faces at the food—and Charli asked for dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets—even though May had made a delicious meal.

Dixie was also seen gagging and fake vomiting at the snail in her paella—which chef May said is “an omen of good luck and fortune.” She even went to the patio to actually throw up after her mom asked her to excuse herself.

Fans in the comments are deeply unimpressed, as you can see:

Neither Charli nor Dixie appear to have reacted to the backlash or apologized, but stay tuned!

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