Chance the Rapper Reveals Why He Passed on Starring in a McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad

Chance the Rapper is revealing his interactions with McDonald’s.

The 27-year-old star spoke out about his decision to turn down an offer from the fast food chain to star in a Super Bowl ad in a tweet on Monday (October 5).

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Chance responded to a tweet from designer JoeFreshGoods about J Balvin‘s new McDonald’s deal.

“they just used me to see if it could work and I proved it could,” JoeFreshGoods wrote.

“I was supposed to do a superbowl commercial with them. They played wit the money and when I said no, they hired a fake me. 😒😒,” Chance responded.

Fans have since speculated that Chance was referring to the 2017 McDonald’s Super Bowl ad in which a rapper appears and rhymes about a Big Mac.

He also has a new song out with a fellow music superstar. Listen now!

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