Carmelo Anthony on yacht with mystery woman, denies cheating rumors

Carmelo Anthony has found himself in the middle of cheating allegations once again after he was photographed on a yacht in the South of France alongside a beautiful mystery woman.

However, the NBA star is already speaking out about reports that he may again be cheating on his wife, Lala Anthony, in an effort to stop the story from spreading.

Carmelo was photographed sunning himself aboard the yacht with the mystery woman laying just to his right. The two look pretty cozy as they soak in the rays and, to make matters worse, it all went down on Lala’s birthday.

Soon after reports began to circulate about Carmelo Anthony’s alleged yacht hookup, he spoke out about the incident, denouncing any rumors that he was cheating on his wife. Melo claims that he was on a business retreat and that the woman in the photo is married and that her husband is on board.

“I’m going to address this one time and one time only,” Carmelo’s rebuttal video begins. “And I’m really only addressing this for my family. Keep my family out [of] this, man.”

Carmelo then takes aim at bloggers who reported on his yacht appearance, making it look as if he was stepping out on his wife again.

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