Cardi B Wants Her Wig Back!

Cardi B got so carried away during a concert last night that she snatched her own wig off the top of her head and tossed it into the crowd… and now, she wants it back!

Haven’t we ALL been in this situation before?? Ha!!!

It all went down during a show on Friday night at London’s Wireless Festival, where the Bodak Yellow rapper was getting SUPER amped up about her rousing performance in front of a sold out, extremely energetic crowd.

But at one point during the show, the rapper got way ahead of herself and had a nearly out-of-body (or out-of-wig) experience, snatching the damn thing off the very top of HER OWN HEAD, and throwing it wildly into the crowd for her fans to fight over!

Ch-ch-check out the HIGHlarious moment (below)!!!

Oops! Definitely wasn’t counting on that to happen right there, but, it did!!!

As you can see in the posted caption that goes along with the infamous wig shot video, Cardi realized pretty quickly that she “got carried away” by tossing it out in the middle of the show, and she took to IG to beg for the safe return of her wig — if only the fan in question who has it now could just DM her. Crazy, right?!

No word yet on whether the wig was returned to its rightful owner here… but we do know that Cardi brought down the house at Wireless Festival (below):


And she wasn’t alone… she had a little help along the way from the incredibly talented, young Lil Nas X!!!

Here is Cardi’s special message to the Old Town Road rapper (below):

So wonderful!!! Looks like everybody there came ready to party, and had a GREAT time with the I Like It rapper!!

Wireless Festival looked like a TON of fun from Friday night, and based on all accounts of people who were there to see the thing go down, it sounds like Cardi REALLY up and did her thing on stage, just like a headliner should!!! Let’s just hope now that the wig will be returned to its rightful owner!!

Don’t mess with the queen’s hair, y’all! Ha!!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? What do you think about the moment this wig is having right now?? Reactions to the video of Cardi getting lost in the moment and doing her thing?! We want to hear from you about ALL of this and more! Sound OFF about everything in the comments (below)!!!

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