Cardi B ditches clothes in ‘Press’ album art

Even though Cardi B may not “need more press,” the cover of her latest single will definitely get her some.

The rapper, 26, who will be dropping the long-awaited single “Press” at midnight on Friday, posted its very scandalous album art Thursday evening.

In the black and white photo, a very glammed-up but nude Cardi looks less-than-pleased as she walks through a hoard of photographers. The pic, though censored, leaves little to the imagination.

“PRESS DROPS AT MIDNIGHT!” she captioned the Instagram.

On Wednesday, Cardi announced the new song was coming with a photo of herself in a courtroom. The teaser, and presumably the song, was inspired by infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a former sex worker who was sentenced to death after being convicted of murdering seven men. The “Money” rapper tweeted a famed photo of Wuornos this week.

The message of the song goes along with the theme of her first studio album, “Invasion of Privacy,” and the star often talks about the downside of living in the public eye.

In August, the “Be Careful” songstress told internet trolls to respect her newborn baby’s privacy, saying, “I’ll show my child when I’m ready for now stop posting other people’s kids and claiming them as mines [sic] it’s disrespectful.”

While Cardi wants to live a private life, the former stripper has no problem showing off her privates.

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