Cara Delevingne’s Twitter Hacker Claims She Split from Ashley Benson

Someone tried to fool Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson‘s fans on Twitter, but they were savvy enough to figure out that a hacker was the culprit.

A hacker took control of Cara‘s Twitter account on Monday night (December 9) and claimed that the couple had broken up.

At around 9:30pm PT, a bunch of messages started appearing on Cara‘s Twitter page. Among the tweets were a fake iPhone giveaway and a link asking for donations to be made to a Venmo page.

The hacker also wrote things like “I think I’m turning straight” and “Me and Ashley broke up.”

Shortly after the hacker took over, Cara and her team seemingly regained control of the account and the messages were deleted. Based on recent social interactions between Cara and Ashley, they appear to still be in a relationship!

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