Candace Cameron Bure on being an empty nester: It went so fast

Candace Cameron Bure is facing an empty nest. I won’t pretend that I don’t enjoy the irony in writing that the star of Full House and Fuller House is an empty nester. But that is the truth, in fact. The 43-year old mother of three is all alone now that her 18-year old son, Maksim, has followed his 21-year old sister, Natasha, and 19-year old brother Lev’s lead and flew the coop. Candace was on Good Morning America promoting her latest book, her second children’s book called Grow, Candace, Grow when she discussed her feelings about her kids all being out of the house.

Candace Cameron Bure is in unchartered territory as a mother.

The Fuller House star opened up Tuesday about life now that her children— daughter Natasha, 21, and sons Lev, 19, and Maksim, 18 — no longer live at home.

“My son turned 18 yesterday. My baby,” Cameron Bure, 43, said on Good Morning America. “And it’s crazy, I don’t have any kids at home anymore. It went so fast. Everyone says that, but when you’re in the position you realize how fast it goes.”

However, her husband, retired ice hockey player Valeri Bure, feels much differently about having the house to themselves.

“He was like, ‘I finally have time to do everything I wanna do,’ ” she said.

The actress also joked with the GMA hosts about a recent video she shared on Instagram showing her reading a children’s book to her dog, Boris.

“I’m reading to Boris now because he is the only one I have left at home,” she said. “He is my big, 130-lb. Rottweiler. He is ginormous. His head is twice the size of mine.”

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My children still live at home so I can’t comment on what it’s like to have an empty nest. I am curious what it will feel like and if it really will go as quickly as they say it does. I am also sure it will sting to not have my kids around, so I won’t poke fun og Cameron for this. Plus, I am slightly jealous that she has this kind of freedom at 43 and I won’t know it until I’m pushing 60. So I’ll just suggest a few ways Candace can fill her time instead. Perhaps she can read some endorsements for presidential candidates and think about voting for someone who isn’t a traitor. Or, she can take a look at the Bible she is so fond of and count how many ways her candidate broke with its tenets. Or she could write another children’s book and make the subject acceptance and speaking out against discrimination rather than siding with those who practice it.

I suppose I could practice what I preach and turn the other cheek so I will say something nice. I haven’t read her children’s book yet, but I have tried to write one and it is so very hard. Grow, Candace, Grow is about patience and, assuming she didn’t infuse her right-wing ideologies into it, then I applaud her because this is a great lesson for kids. Also, I was impressed with how she supported her co-star Andrea Barber when she spoke up about depression and anxiety.

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