Caitlyn Jenner Says Kanye Was Difficult For Kim Kardashian, Unlike Pete Davidson

Caitlyn Jenner says Kim Kardashian didn’t have it easy being married to Kanye West … and dating Pete Davidson‘s been a completely different experience for her.

Caitlyn says she was blown away when Kim recently brought Pete by the house … remarking on how well the ‘SNL’ star treated her famous stepdaughter.

While Caitlyn told Channing Crowder, Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor on “The Pivot” podcast she got along great with Kanye, praising him for being supportive with her transition, she says Ye was a complicated guy who was difficult for Kim to live with.

Caitlyn says Pete is a 180-degree turn for Kim’s love life … and Pete’s good for Kim because she’s had a lot of tough times in all of those previous relationships, not just her marriage to Kanye.

It’s a big stamp of approval from Caitlyn, who says Kim finally looks happy.

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