Buffy actor Nicholas Brendon battling severe condition that ‘paralyses his private parts’

Nicholas Brendon Xander in Buffy

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Nicholas Brendon, 50, is reportedly suffering with a condition which “paralyses his genitals and private parts”. Due to this, the star was unable to attend the premiere for his new movie, Wanton Want.

He is suffering from paralysis in his genitals and private parts.

Theresa Fortier

It has been reported Nicholas struggles to walk, and experiences severe issues with his legs and back.

Nicholas’s manager, Theresa Fortier, has now detailed his reason for missing out on the aforementioned event as well as promotional work.

She said: “This past week and a half, things have turned dramatically worse.

“He is suffering from paralysis in his genitals and private parts.

“Sadly his condition means he needs surgical intervention for his increasing problems.

“I wish he was on the mend and able to promote this movie.”

Nicholas missed a screening of Wanton Want, with it set to open in theatres on September 28.

There have been no details on what exactly Nicholas’ condition is.

However, he posted an injury on his Instagram earlier this year.

Nicholas had to have surgery on his spine after slipping on ice.

He said: “If you’re somewhere impacted with ice, be careful.

“With a rare condition and a slip a week ago, I’m having spinal surgery in 1 hour.”

Fans were quick to comment their prayers for the star.

One said: “Oh no. Hang in there as I know any surgery is not easy and I hope you have a good recovery.

“Prayers to you.”

Nicholas shot to fame playing Buffy’s sidekick Xander Harris, from 1997 to 2003.

He also appeared in Criminal Minds from 2007 to 2014.

The star has hit headlines for the wrong reasons throughout the years, due to his reported alcoholism.

In 2015, Nicholas was arrested four times and entered rehab twice that year.

In the October of the same year he was admitted for depression.

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