Brielle & Ariana Biermann Look So Much Like Mom Kim With Plumped Lips For Sister’s Trip

Ariana Biermann took to Instagram on June 15 to share a photo of herself posing with her sister Brielle Biermann in Nashville, TN, and their plump lips and wavy hair made them look similar to their mother Kim Zolciak.

Ariana Biermann, 17,  and her sister Brielle Biermann, 22, looked like they were having a blast together in a new pic that shows them posing in Nashville, TN, on June 15, and they also looked just like their mom, Kim Zolciak! The gorgeous ladies resembled 41-year-old Kim by flaunting the same plump lips and long flowing wavy hair in the snapshot. Brielle had her hair tied back into a ponytail while wearing a green hoodie and Ariana let her hair down while wearing a white tank top under a tan jacket that she had draped down to her elbows. “biermann girls take Nashville❣️,” Ariana captioned the eye-catching photo.

Followers couldn’t help but compliment the good looking gals in the comments of the pic and some did indeed compare them to Kim. “So pretty ❤️,” one comment read. “Y’all look like y’all mama simply Beautiful,” another read. “Twin beauties,” a third comment read. “Just like mom!” yet another read.

This isn’t the first time Brielle and Ariana’s looks have been compared to their reality star mother’s or each other’s. Whenever they post photos with Kim to social media, it’s always uncanny how much they look alike, especially Brielle. The sisters also totally give off twin vibes with every pic they take together. A previous source EXCLUSIVELY told us that Kim loves the fact that she often gets mistaken for her daughters’ sister rather than their mom because she loves looking young.

biermann girls take Nashville❣️

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“Kim Zolciak-Biermann loves when Brielle posts photos of them looking alike,” the source said. “Kim is obsessed with looking younger, and she is so thankful when people tell her how much Brielle looks like her.” It turns out Brielle also loves looking like her mom.“Brielle thinks her mom is a knockout and hopes to age as flawlessly as her mom one day,” the source said.

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