Brad Pitt Narrates New High-Profile Joe Biden Campaign Ad As Election Day Gets Closer (Video)

Shout out to Brad Pitt for standing on the right side of history in this election… not that we had any doubt about where he’d fall when it came time to support a candidate!

The A-list movie superstar just lent his voice to the newest Joe Biden campaign ad, a video called Make Life Better which shows an inspired, helpful Presidential hopeful meeting with Americans from all walks of life. According to TMZ, the ad first aired during the World Series game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday night, and has henceforth spread like wildfire across the internet.

The 56-year-old Oklahoma native and Thelma & Louise alum delivers a calm, smooth vocal over the top of clips showing Biden interacting with and connecting with voters across the country. And it’s clear from the central theme of the ad itself — and from Pitt’s strong words — that the former VP will be a President for all American people.

Unlike, well, you know who… **cough Donald Trump cough**

Pitt says it at the top: “America is a place for everyone.” And from there, it’s an inspiring, effective piece of video. It’s interesting, as the Moneyball star never actually ID’s himself in the ad, but his voice is unmistakable, and media outlets quickly caught on to the casting even without him having to reveal himself on Biden’s behalf.

Enough talk, though — ch-ch-check out the ad for yourself (below):


Per TMZ, the ad cost a cool $4 million to produce and run during the World Series. Wow!! That is not necessarily that big a deal for the Biden campaign, though, which political sources have reported as raising more than $380 million in September alone.

Yeah… it’s pretty clear that Americans are getting sick of The Donald and looking to a far better alternative this time around. We can only hope the momentum continues on from here all the way through Election Day early next month.

So if you haven’t already, get out and VOTE!!!

Reactions to the Pitt-voiced ad here, Perezcious readers? Could be a nice difference-maker at the very end leading up to the election, couldn’t it? Or with all this early voting swinging for Democrats anyways (!), could Trump already be in big trouble when it comes to re-election?!

Sound OFF on everything here with your take, down in the comments (below)…

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