Bill Maher shreds cancel culture: 'It belongs in Stalin's Russia'

Clay Travis: Comedians must be on front lines against cancel culture

Outkick Founder Clay Travis on comedian Tim Allen ripping cancel culture targeting comedians.

Comedian Bill Maher slammed “cancel culture” on his HBO program Friday night and said that the practice belongs in “Stalin’s Russia.”

Maher was discussing multiple examples of Olympic officials being fired recently for offensive jokes and explained that losing your job for telling a joke is a “purge” mentality.

“Young people have to stop flattering themselves that they’re Nostradamus and would have foreseen had they been around back then everything that is unacceptable now,” Maher told his audience. “Why do we allow the people who just want to b*tch always win?… This is called a purge. It’s a mentality that belongs in Stalin’s Russia.”

Maher added, “How bad does this atmosphere we’re living in have to get before the people who say cancel culture is overblown admit that it is in fact an insanity that is swallowing up the world?”

Earlier this month, the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Director was fired after a holocaust joke in a comedy act from 23 years earlier was unearthed. In March, another Olympic official resigned for suggesting a plus-size comedian should perform at the games and be referred to as “Olympig.”

Also this month, a 52-year-old musician who was set to perform in the opening ceremony stepped down after he was criticized on social media for bullying children with disabilities during his childhood. 

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