Bernie McGee Dies; Seeking Sister Wife Star Was 41

Very sad news today out of the reality television universe.

Bernie McGee, the TLC reality star who anchored the series Seeking Sister Wife, passed away on June at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.

He was 41 years old.

Wife Paige revealed her husband died after suffering a heat stroke/heart attack and his death was confirmed in a local obituary.

“Bernie loved the outdoors especially camping, hiking and riding his bike,” this obituary read. “He loved his family and friends very much. Bernie was full of life.”

Someone posting on the Facebook account of Paige also relayed the tragedy online, writing the following to her many friends and loved ones:

I am posting with the permission from Paige. It is with a heavy heart to tell you all that Bernie has passed away.

Please give Paige time to be with her family, friends, and children. We just left the hospital and she is heading home. His mother is not handling this well. Paige is not either. But she has a bunch of hands around her.

Please keep this family in your hearts and prayers. Thank you to the ones who have supported them through this journey.

Please keep this family in your hearts and prayers. Thank you to the ones who have supported them through this journey.

Seeking Sister Wife premiered in January 2018.

The series sought to capitalize on the huge success of Sister Wives and it centered on the journeys of three families in various phases of polygamous relationships.

Bernie was the patriarch of one of these families.

Paige, meanwhile, has subsequently provided more details on Facebook regarding what transpired with her husband.

“Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,” she wrote, adding:

“Bernie was out riding his bicycle and called me, saying he wasn’t feeling well and to come pick him up. By the time I got there, EMTs were working on him, but I could already tell.

“The coroner said he had a heat stroke/heart attack.”

Paige later returned to Facebook, however, and said it wasn’t this simple.

She actually lashed out – HARD! – at her brother, who had previously accused Bernie of stalking and gotten him arrested and, according to Paige, caused her husband a great amount of stress.

“He did this! Patrick’s constant lies and attacks against us caused this!” she actually wrote about Bernie’s passing, citing an upcoming court appearance for the stalking charge.

“Patrick and my mother having us arrested for not doing a damn thing wrong did this! We were financially put out for having to hire lawyers, investigators, and missing work for this bullsh-t,” added Paige.

Yikes, huh?

She went on, along this same line of attack against her own sibling:

Patrick Marble has admitted numerous times he would not stop until we were fired from the show. Well, that never happened so he continued his bullying and harassment. Bernie has been under so much stress and the stress of going to court this coming Wednesday with fear of 1 year in jail wore on Bernie.

Bernie was so upset the day we were arrested because our sons had to watch us being taken away. Every night since then, Bernie has said over and over, the look on Johnny’s face. He just couldn’t get over that.

Patrick Marble… YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL.. And you better stay the HELL away from me and my family!


We’re gonna stay far away from this family feud and just send our condolences to the loves one of Bernie McGee.

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