Beauty Guru Apologizes for Alluding to Affair With Kanye West

Cole Carrigan, who has more than 340,000 TikTok followers, made the bombshell revelations in a series of videos on the video-sharing platform last Thursday.

AceShowbizJeffree Star isn’t the only YouTuber who is rumored to be hooking up with Kanye West. On Sunday, January 10, beauty guru Cole Carrigan posted a video in which he issued an apology to the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian after receiving a cease-and-desist letter for claiming to have an affair with Kanye.

Cole, who previously shared that the hip-hop star’s onetime bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, arranged a meeting for him and Ye at a W Hotel in November, claimed in the video that while the story wasn’t a made-up, he decided to expose the “Gold Digger” spitter because he “voted for [Donald Trump].”

“In order to for me to stay out of court and not get sued, I have to issue an apology to Mr. West and Kim Kardashian West,” the TikToker said. “So hi, Kim, if you’re watching this, I am so sorry, I honestly did this for the simple fact that your husband voted for Trump, and we simply can’t have that clownery in America, so you’re welcome.”

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Seemingly trolling, the 22-year-old self-taught makeup artist continued, “Second of all, I hope this doesn’t ruin the chances of me getting on the KKW p.r. list, because I’ve been dying for those contour sticks.”

Cole, who has more than 340,000 TikTok followers, made the bombshell revelations in a series of videos on the video-sharing platform last Thursday. One of the clips featured screenshots of his alleged direct message exchange with Kanye’s former bodyguard, and he said, “I obviously can’t say much… I don’t want a lawsuit from Kim Kardashian West, but these are literally the DMs from the security guard – well, ex-security guard – that reached out to me before we started texting, so that’s all I’m going to say on that.”

He also claimed that he met Kanye for the firt time at a Bel Air, California, party in May. Of the said text from Steve, Cole detailed, “He asked if I remembered him from the party and he said that Ye wanted to meet me tonight.”

Steve quickly denied the allegations. In a legal letter, his lawyer Dmitriy Shakhnevich stated, “As you know, these images are not authentic, and the statements you made are completely and entirely false. In fact, our client hereby denies ever meeting you, speaking with you or, more broadly, even knowing of your identity prior to January 7, 2021. As such, our client denies, in the strongest terms, all of these false and defamatory statements involving his name and likeness.”

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