BBC’s Universe: Brian Cox’s wife who you may recognise from Channel 4, Sky and Radio 5

Brian Cox on the 2,500-year-old solar calendar

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Professor Brian Cox will be back on our screens tonight as he returns for the new BBC series Universe. But the British physicist, who is a former musician, is one half of a celebrity couple with his wife Gia Milinovich.

The 53-year-old, who lives in Battersea, has been married to US science presenter Gia Milinovich since 2003.

She has previously said that her initial attraction to Brian began when she saw he had a CERN email address.

The pair have a son called George who is 12 years old and Gia has a son called Moki from a previous relationship.

Brian has starred in several shows including Doctor Who but his other half also has an extensive list of programmes she has presented.

Gia, 52, presented Channel 4’s Demolition Day alongside Ed Sanders from 2003 until 2006.

She also appeared on Sky Sports Ice Warriors (1995), BBC Four’s Electric Dreams (2009) and Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe (2008).

But Gia began her career on a British Television network called The Children’s Channel.

She has accrued a number of credits to her name, presenting on Sky Sports, Nickelodeon, LBC and BBC Radio 5 Live.

She has previously opened up about becoming an “invisible wife” in a candid article.

It comes as the US-born presenter admitted that despite having a television career it was Brian who became famous.

“When we first met, I was the expensively groomed television professional, working on mostly science and technology shows, and he was the newly appointed physics academic with a student’s wardrobe and a single bed,” Gia wrote in the Guardian in 2010.

“A few years ago, I started to notice that the more Brian appeared on TV, the less interesting I became to other people.”


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She continued: “I started to morph from Gia Milinovich, independent woman with her own life and separate bank account, into ‘Mrs Brian Cox’, then into ‘wife’.

“Pre-fame, I was asked for my opinions; now, I’m asked what Brian thinks.”

Gia added: “In order to remain sane, I need to keep my own identity and life separate from him.

“As Brian has made such a popular and critically acclaimed series, I am nervous about venturing back into television myself.

“I fear that anything I do would be unfairly compared with what he’s done.”

Brian’s newest series will show one of the greatest sagas in all of history: the evolution of the universe from its moment of inception 13.7 billion years ago.

This epic five-series tale will be charted using CGI, scientific research and archive footage from space missions.

Universe airs tonight on BBC Two at 9pm.

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