Barbara Windsor ‘still doing well and loves a laugh’ says pal Christopher Biggins

The actress, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, joked about the state of the UK with pal Christopher Biggins.

He took the former Carry On and EastEnders star, 81, to lunch and the pair chatted about old times and the current state of the nation.

And the 70-year-old enter-tainer revealed: “Babs is doing really well and is still in great form. She loves to go out. We love having a laugh.

“We speak a lot about the past because it’s easier to do that with people who have Alzheimer’s.”

He added: “I don’t usually touch too much on heavy stuff but I did mention Brexit and told her I thought it was politically ridiculous at the moment.

“And she agreed with me and then just laughed. She still has that famous infectious giggle.”

Christopher said he has kept in touch with Dame Barbara’s husband Scott to see how she is coping.

He said: “Scott is a miracle man looking after her. He makes her life so easy.”

The one topic he did not touch on during their lunch was the news that plans are afoot to make new Carry On films.

He said: “It will never work. The Carry Ons were made during an extraordinary time with an extraordinary cast. To recreate it is wrong.”

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