Austin McBroom Accuses Bryce Hall Of Trying To Break Ankle During Altercation

Austin McBroom says Bryce Hall fights DIRTY … the YouTube superstar tells TMZ Sports during his brawl with the TikToker on Tuesday, Hall tried to break his ankle!!!

McBroom explained the situation while hoppin’ out of his flashy Lambo at Boa Steakhouse in L.A. hours after the melee … accusing Hall of trying to get out of their June 12 boxing match by injuring him earlier in the day.

“At the end, he was like trying to twist my ankle,” the 28-year-old said of Hall. “Like maybe he was trying, like, to cause me not to fight him anymore.”

McBroom continued, “It was kind of weird. He was trying to break my ankle or twist my ankle so I couldn’t fight him.”

The fracas was insane … as the two were attempting to promote their fight in front of cameras and a small crowd at Fred Segal in West Hollywood, they went after each other.

Hall sprang at McBroom, and they got in a shoving match that went straight to the ground.

And, at one point, things got so violent — some dude was even cracked over the head with a bottle!!!

McBroom said he lost his chain the scuffle … and claims he suffered a gnarly scratch on his neck during the incident as well.

All of it, he added, has now motivated him even more to try to destroy Bryce during their headlining fight on the “YouTubers vs. TikTokers” card in Miami next month.

“I’m callin’ it first round, fellas,” McBroom said. “First round. Yup. Yup.”

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