Arnold Schwarzenegger, more celebs remember Jan. 6 on insurrection anniversary

One year ago, a mob stormed the United States Capitol to violently protest the swearing in of Joe Biden. At the time of the insurrection, the majority of people condemned the rioters. Since then, Jan. 6 has been politicized, but it still evokes emotion from many, including those in the entertainment world. Arnold Schwarzenegger, for instance, retweeted his Jan. 6, 2021, message on Jan. 6, 2022. He added, “Never forget where lies and anger lead. I know in my heart that our country is better than what happened a year ago. But I also know the American experiment isn’t passive. It only works if we work. We are only better if we fight to be better. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.” Click through to see how other celebrities are remembering Jan. 6 one year later….

“One year later, and the Senate has yet to pass any bills to protect our democracy.” –Mark Ruffalo

“One year ago today, the United States Capitol — and democracy itself — was attacked by insurrectionists. Lives were lost as a result. Insanely, only one political party seems to give a s—. Why? No idea. But next time you vote, keep that in mind. Democracy matters.” –Seth MacFarlane

“Trump is guilty of planning the insurrection – he is directly responsible – we cannot escape history #insurrection #Jan6th #CapitolRiot” –Rosie O’Donnell

“Is it just me or does it seem like the strategy of kindly asking the people who helped Trump plan the insurrection to just admit everything they did to the @January6thCmte is not working for some reason?” –Jim Gaffigan

“Today let us recommit to our democracy. Let us work to hold those accountable who condoned this violence. Let us support the #January6thCommittee, as they try to do their hard work to figure out who knew what, when, and then may they be held accountable. Oh, and let’s not forget while our capitol was being stormed, then President Trump did absolutely nothing. Let that sink in. He did nothing — zero. Imagine yourself in that situation, and the guy in charge does nothing to help you, to protect you. Think about that. #January6th” –Maria Shriver

“Tomorrow is 1/6, one year after one of the most traumatic days in American history & life, the storming of the Capitol, incited by #DonaldTrump, in his desperate attempt to cling to power. The shock to me was as great as 9/11. That so many regular Americans could be conned by a sociopath, so ignorant of the Constitution, so determined to win that he would destroy the government of his own country was the biggest shock of all. How stupid are we as a nation? How could so many be fooled by this buffoon? #RupertMurdoch #FoxNewsKnew #TraitorTrump” –Bette Midler, who also tweeted the transcript of Joe Biden’s Jan. 6, 2022, speech

“It wasn’t an ‘insurrection’ ya fools… It was a riot. Not a good thing at all. But enough with the freakin’ hyperbole” –Dean Cain

“Happy Jan 6th” –Questlove

“ONE FULL YEAR and time’s a-wasting! #AccountabilityForTheGrotesqueGaudyLyingSackOfDefeatedFormerPresident___NOW” –Mark Hamill

“Good January 6 anniversary speech by President Biden @POTUS today. What happened a year ago was an abominable assault on American democracy fuelled by a massive ongoing lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. It wasn’t,” Piers Morgan tweeted. He later added, “I agree it didn’t meet the legal definition of an insurrection, but it was indisputably a violent uprising against Authority/Government and an attempt to thwart democracy.”

“To the msm… There was an insurrection on Jan 6. It is still going on. No ‘almost’ about it. #RollingCoup” –Ellen Barkin

“I’m so proud to have President Biden lead US through this frightening attack on our Democracy by Donald Trump’s evil fascistic lies. If we all stay vigilant Democracy will survive.” –Rob Reiner

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