Ariel Winter Sliced Off a Chunk of Her Thumb…and Accidentally Threw it Away at the Hospital

If you’re anything like Ariel Winter, you’ve probably spent a huuuuge amount of time during the quarantine period cooking up a storm. (You’ve made at least one loaf of bread, don’t lie.) So far, Ariel’s made a bangin’ lasagna for a close friend, and recently decided to try her hand at making Greek food. But when attempting to do so, Ariel unfortunately had a massive accident while chef-ing it up in the kitchen.

“I was trying to make greek food and I went to chop a peeled tomato and sliced the top part of my thumb off,” Ariel said in a virtual appearance on Access. “[My boyfriend, Luke Benward, and I] were talking and as I did it, it sliced right there. I was so shocked that I was more hyperventilating. I apparently sliced an artery, so I bleed so much that I had to go to the hospital.”

But believe it or not, that actually wasn’t the worst part of Ariel’s story. “He actually brought the tip of my finger to the hospital,” Ariel added, explaining that the nurse who was attending to her gave the thumb piece back without explaining what it actually was. “She actually just gave it to me in a plastic bag and didn’t tell me it was the tip of my thumb too, so I accidentally threw it away and we had to go get it.”

The good news here is that Ariel will be just fine! “I sliced my thumb off and it’s sad, I’ll have a mildly sad-looking thumb, but it’ll be okay,” she assured the host. And as for me? Yeah…gonna try my best to not think about this while I’m whipping up my next meal, TYVM.

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