Andrei Castravet to Elizabeth: Don’t Terrorize Me With Your Pregnancy!

90 Day Fans have only a couple of days to tear themselves away from Larissa Lima’s assault trial verdict and prepare for the new episode.

Happily Ever After? returns on Sunday night, and in this clip, Elizabeth tries to put her foot down with Andrei about getting a job. Like, a real job.

But Andrei scoffs at her suggestions, and demands that she not “terrorize” him with her pregnancy. Yikes, dude.

In this 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? sneak peek, Elizabeth gets assertive about Andrei needing to figure out a means of gainful employment.

“I’m fixing up an ad,” Andrei tells a pregnant Elizabeth. “Posting it.”

“I’m just fixing it up,” he adds. “I have to add some stuff.”

Andrei then tells the camera: “The difference between America and Moldova is life here is more expensive.”

“And I think Elizabeth is a little frustrated because we’re not having enough income at this point,” he correctly speculates.

Andrei seems confident that his alleged handyman skills, the ones that he did not display at their last home, will solve that problem.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth talks about how busy she was at work that day.

She has real concerns that she will soon reach the point at which, because of her pregnancy, she will have to take time off.

Andrei responds to that by making a strange expression, as if Elizabeth is somehow being overly dramatic.

This … is not going to endear him to viewers.

This isn’t endearing him to his wife, either.

“I don’t really think that Andrei realizes how much this is affecting me,” Elizabeth admits.

“And,” she continues. “It’s really coming to a point where it’s getting to me.”

Elizabeth is worried “because I’m only becoming more and more pregnant and more hormonal and exhausted and stressed.”

“And,” she correclty expresses. “It shouldn’t be that way.”

In an apparent attempt to ease the tension that his indolence has created, Andrei offers Elizabeth a drink.

“You wanta  beer?” he asks his pregnant wife.

“Yes,” Elizabeth answers in a total deadpan. “Please.”

“Just messing,” Andrei says, sounding amused with himself. “I know you’re pregnant.”

Careful, Andrei’s next big career move idea might be to try his hand at standup.

“So,” Elizabeth asks. “Have you tried asking my dad for a job?”

“Oh my God,” Andrei replies.

“No,” he says firmly. “I’m not going to ask him.”

Her face conveying mountains of frustration, emotional exhaustion, and good ol’ fashioned physical exhaustion, Elizabeth asks: “Why?”

Andrei’s excuse is, frankly, difficult to understand, but it sounds like he thinks that her father will be critical of his work.

“Elizabeth’s dad, for her, is saving angel,” Andrei assesses, noting that she has gone to her father for assistance.

Andrei thinks that, because he’s the “man of the house,” this is demeaning to him, which is extremely stupid.

“So … you’re not gonna ask him,” Elizabeth asks.

“It’s stupid, Lib!” Andrei exclaims foolishly.

Then, she lets him have it.

“Your attitude is stupid!” Elizabeth exclaims. “Just ask him for a damn job. It’s not that hard.Ask him for a job!”

Actual job hunts are extremely difficult, particularly in this hell economy. But Andrei has an opportunity that’s knocking and he’s ignoring it.

“Because of your pride and your ego, you refuse,” Elizabeth notes. “And I’m over here stressed out and pregnant, and have all this weight on my shoulders.”

Then Andrei demands: “Don’t terrorize me with your pregnancy.”


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