Amanda Seyfried on her panic attacks: ‘It feels like life or death’


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Amanda Seyfried is doing last minute promotion for her Mank Best Actress Oscar nomination. I haven’t seen the film, but I hear her nom is well deserved. She said was as thrilled to be nominated, which is good, because I doubt she’ll win over Viola Davis or Frances McDormand. Amanda is living on her farm in upstate New York with her husband, her mom and two kids. She’s making time to work when she can and to do interviews. Amanda’s a good interview because she’s pretty open. And not just in a gossip way, Amanda lives with OCD and anxiety and she’s committed to educating others about what that’s like. Amanda recently Zoomed in from her barn to talk with Willie Geist on The Today Show. She spoke about her life on the farm, breaking into the business and living with anxiety. She said when she has a panic attack, “it feels like life or death,” and described what the aftermath is like.

Amanda Seyfried has evolved from playing a “Plastic” in Mean Girls to a silver screen legend during her nearly two decades in Hollywood.

But the Oscar nominee, 35, recently admitted that she still faces anxiety and panic attacks from being in the Hollywood spotlight. “It feels like life or death,” she told Willie Geist on Sunday’s episode of The Today Show.

“That’s what a panic attack is, really,” Seyfried continued. “Your body just goes into fight or flight. The endorphin rush and the dump that happens after the panic attack is so extraordinary. You just feel so relieved and your body is just kind of recovered in a way. It’s so bizarre because it’s physiological, but it starts in your head.”

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Does anyone watch that show Breeders? In season two, episode two (No Fear) the son Luke described what it’s like for him to live with his anxiety to his dad. It was so well done, I felt like I could imagine the experience. If I couple that with Amanda’s discussion of the endorphin rush following a panic attack, I have a better understanding of what those who live with anxiety go through. Since members of my family live with anxiety and OCD, I want to support them the best I can. Amanda has been a great source for me. I appreciate that she spreads this information. I also appreciate her comments about reconciling that such a physiological experience begins in the head.

The Today interview is cute, but the edits are abrupt. A few of Amanda’s answers were cut short so they didn’t work well as pull quotes. She talked about wanting to connect with people more. She said it’s a priority to let people know she doesn’t have, “someone waking me up with breakfast in bed, and I’m not chauffeured around.” She said she is, “so desperate for (people) to understand that you can talk to me.” I found that really interesting because stars do generally want to be seen as regular joes who just happen to have lavish lifestyles, but they don’t necessarily want to hang out with other regular joes. Amanda said she really wants to “connect like everybody else.” I’ll bet this was part of her reason to stay out of Hollywood and live on a farm as well, because in LA they smile all the time but it is the unfriendliest place you’ll ever stay.


A post shared by Amanda Seyfried💛 (@mingey)


A post shared by Amanda Seyfried💛 (@mingey)


A post shared by Amanda Seyfried💛 (@mingey)

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