Aly & AJ Mourn Devastating Loss of Beloved Dog Roadie While On Tour

Aly & AJ have lost one of their furry friends.

The sisters shared the news on Instagram that their pup Roadie had passed away overnight.

“Our sweet lil angel Roadie went to heaven in the middle of the night as we slept on the bus from Memphis to Dallas,” Aly wrote on Instagram. “AJ & I are beyond devastated that we couldn’t kiss her one last time and tell her she was a good girl, but we will hold onto the 12.5 years of memories we had with her. She was in the tender care of nurses who were monitoring her vitals through the evening & kept us up to date on her condition. Mama Michalka has been watching her the whole time we’ve been on tour and it’s given us peace knowing that just before yesterday she was happily running through the grass and snuggling with the rest of the pack on the ranch.”

“Sweet funny Roadie Roadster you were a legendary spirit who was never in a bad mood despite your abundance of health issues,” she continued. “Thank you for bringing our family so much joy. And thank you AJ for giving her such a safe & loving home these past 4 years with you & Willow. Rest In Peace with the rest of Gods creatures xoxo”

We are so sorry for your loss Aly & AJ.

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