A Taylor Swift Fan Has a Theory on How Every ‘Folklore’ Song Is Connected

There’s a theory about Taylor Swift‘s new album Folklore that is spreading around social media right now and it has some strong ideas on how the entire album is connected!

Reddit user @tswiftconspiracist13 has written out an analysis of the entire album and how it seems to be the story of one woman who has a connection to Taylor.

The belief is that the album is the story of Rebekah Harness, the woman who used to own Taylor‘s home in Rhode Island. The one song that is clearly about her is “The Last Great American Dynasty,” in which Taylor sings about buying the home. She also went by the name Betty, which has fans thinking that the song “Betty” is about her. (See which celeb friend’s daughter reportedly has that name too!)

“Basically I interpreted this album as a folk story about the history behind the last owner of her Rhode Island house (as told in three parts). I’ve included the song, my thoughts on how it plays into the album, and some lyrics to back it up,” the Reddit user wrote in the post.

To see a full analysis of the lyrics, head over to Reddit!

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