50 Cent Trolls Wendy Williams Over Her Pride Pic & Fans Jump To Her Defense: ‘Let Her Live’

It’s only July 1 and 50 Cent is already on his trolling game, HARD! The rapper took aim at who some would call his usual target, Wendy Williams, in a scathing post on Instagram. Fans are accusing 50 of ‘body-shaming’ Wendy after he dissed her legs in a photo from NYC pride.

50 Cent, has zero chill when it comes to Wendy Williams. The rapper, 43, took a screen-grab of her latest photo from her appearance at NYC pride over the weekend, and reposted it to his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Monday. 50 slammed the daytime host, 54, who’s been known to dish it right back to him on her talk show, writing, “This b–ch skipped leg day for 20 years,” alongside a snap of her in a rainbow jumpsuit. Wendy initially shared the photo to her Instagram.

Now, fans are hitting back at 50, claiming he body-shamed Wendy with his comment about her legs. “This is body shaming and is actually so gross. Cheap by name, cheap by reputation,” one fan wrote, which prompted the rapper to reply. “Get the f–k off my page,” he wrote back.

And, the support for Wendy continued to flood the comments of 50’s post. “Wendy is unbothered. Let’s her live. It’s not funny anymore,” one fan said. Another added: “This is so low. Shame on you”. “Why did he just come at her for no reason?”, one fan asked, adding, “So mean”.

Wendy, who often addresses the feuds she’s involved in on her daytime talk show, has yet to address 50’s latest diss. And, her show is currently on a five-week vacation hiatus, with new shows scheduled to begin on Monday, July 8.

50’s ongoing feud with Wendy first started when the outspoken host continued to make him a “Hot Topic” on her show last year. Wendy’s negative commentary about the Power producer caused him to retaliate on social media, and he’s been trolling her ever since.

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